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    Together, we are stronger and more determined than ever. No matter our struggle - in mindset, fitness, and health, the ParaPer4mance community is here for you. No gimmicks, just like-minded individuals seeking results.

    "ParaPer4mance is business that has a foundation built on the vision that anyone can do anything as long long as they put their mind to it. My brother has cerebral palsy and he really can & will benefit from ALL the products and services ParaPer4mance offers. Lastly, this business has a management that is the most goal driven, passionate, and informative team, I have seen in a long time."

    Sol Taylor

    "Paraper4mance is the #1 wheelchair fitness company on the market. They provide excellent guidance to anyone in a wheelchair and are comprised of an amazing team who inspire everyone they connect with."

    Justin Iuliano

    "Paraper4mance is an extremely innovative company. The way Kenny has used what people perceive as a huge shortcoming to propel his life to a level that many will never even get close to is outstanding. This isn’t just a successful, helpful and awesome company but it’s very inspiring as well because it shows you that no matter what happens to you, you can always still live an amazing life and a lot of times that life comes from the “bad” thing that was supposed to stop you from living that life."

    Lerozier Holt

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