Train The Ability, Not The Diagnosis.

Making Fitness Adaptive!

About CORE Per4mance

How frustrating (and degrading) is it when you are working on building strength as a wheelchair user or after a limiting injury and your PT hands you a printed pamphlet of exercises to do? Individuals in the mobilized world have BeachBody, AthleanX, and countless others to follow on their fitness journey… Now it is time to have our OWN movement in health and fitness!

Join me, Kenneth Keitt, as we explode as a community of individuals with limitless potential to take charge of our health and future together. Many things saved me after the car crash that put me in this wheelchair in 2012, but what allowed me to LIVE was my strength that I discovered through the right exercise routine.

Where are you on your journey to health, fitness, and living a more independent life? Join me and the entire ParaPer4mance community as we provide you the FIRST 30-Minute Mobile workout program designed for our abilities.

“THIS WORK OUT PROGRAM IS AMAZING ! I can do it at home with ease. My core is stronger making it easier to walk with my KFOS. I would highly recommend this program for wheelchair users. 💖”

Danielle Simien

“Paraper4mance is an awesome organization that connects with its clients. They provide an alternative way for those who are disabled to be empowered by having the ability to stay in shape. When you look good, you feel good and this company is one that helps you feel good.”

Sasha Simms

“Whether you are an elite adaptive athlete or just looking to get in shape for summer time, the Para Per4mance workout program is adaptable to you. No equipment needed makes these workouts super easy to do anytime and anywhere.”

Cody Wills

All It Takes Is Pushing Play, One Day At A Time.

Boost Confidence & Discipline

We are here together to celebrate our achievements and be there when we each need extra support. Our needs are unique, so our workout should match.

Stay Fit & Fabulous

Limited mobility does NOT mean limited potential! Gain the CORE strength that can take you down a dress size and allow you to lift your niece on your lap.

Get Into The Right Mindset

STOP wishing life was different and start LIVING each day as the gift it is! Get up and get moving each day as a part of the ParaPer4mance community.

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Time To Join the CORE Per4mance Community.

Here at ParaPer4mance, we are JUST getting started! We already have many other programs in the works designed specifically for you and your needs. Buy the workout, become a part of the exclusive Facebook closed ParaPer4mance group, and launch your independence, health, and fitness to the next level!

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