Together, we are stronger and more determined than ever. No matter our struggle – in mindset, fitness, and health, the ParaPer4mance community is here for you. No gimmicks, just like-minded individuals seeking results.

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Hi, I’m Barbie. I was involved in a car-accident when I was only fourteen years old on December 2002, resulting in a complete spinal cord injury at T4/T3 level. I graduated in 2013 with an AAS in Legal Administration, I married in 2014, and I’m a proud mom of a beautiful girl named Lluvia.

Throughout these years, I’ve learned the importance of loving yourself, your body and embracing who you are, wether you walk or roll. Because when you have accepted yourself for who you are, there will always, ALWAYS be a way to love yourself even mode. Because losing your ability to walk is one thing, but that doesn’t mean you lose your ability to keep moving forward!

Barbie Ramirez

My name is Garrison Redd, from Brooklyn, New York.

I am a TEDx Speaker, Team USA Paralympic powerlifter, model, and most of all an advocate for disabled rights. In February of 2019, I was selected to Team USA to represent the country in the sport of Para-Powerlifting. I am the first individual to ever be selected from New York City.

Weighing 125 pounds, I have lifted over 300 pounds in national competitions.

Garrison Redd

Hello! My name is Lolita Milena Minick.

I’m a 19 year old actress, author and social media influencer who’s goal in this life is to show that no matter the obstacles life can throw at you, never means you have to give up on what you love!

Lolita Milena Minick

Hey y’all! Alex here, i thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking. I can probably cook a meaner steak than some grill masters out there.

I love working out and getting into any health craze i can. Which is why i thought joining forces with ParaPer4mance would be perfect!

My future goal is to finish my bachelors degree in biology and continue onto medical school. Ever since my injury I’ve had a strong passion to help others. Improving healthcare for people with disabilities is something I’m extremely passionate about.

Alexandria Allen

Hi, I’m Cody Wills!

I am a former pro-am motocross racer. In 2011 I sustained a c6 incomplete spinal cord injury from a wreck during an arena cross-race. That didn’t mean I had to stop competing. In 2018, I found a new passion in racing Handcycles and am making a name for myself amongst the best in the nation. I have my sights set on future national and world championships and the 2024 Paralympics.

Cody Wills

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The disabled population is said to be the largest misunderstood and overlooked demographic worldwide. In the United States alone, there are approximately 6.8 million people who use assistive devices to help them with their mobility.

The mission of ParaPer4mance is to help others and change lives. We pride ourselves in finding motivated, disciplined, and positive figures within our industry who will help us with our mission and effectively spread the message. With the help of influencers, and our proud customers, health and fitness will be adaptive to all.

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