CORE Per4mance


The first ever STREAMING 30-minute mobile workout program developed specifically for wheelchair and limited mobility users.

Choose to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Overcome your limitations
Strength in body and mind
A unique fitness community

ParaPer4mance CORE – Here’s What You’ll Be Getting In The STREAMING Version!

  • CORE Blaster Warmup – 4 Rounds, 5 Exercises
  • CORE Blaster Circuit – 4 Rounds, 5 Exercises
  • CORE Blaster Mix-up – Workout options for you and a partner!


Making Fitness Adaptive

We Are ParaPer4mance

Our physical movement may be ‘limited’ by different factors, but our mindset and capabilities together with ParaPer4mance are limitless! We are joined together by the common goal of not missing out on what there is to enjoy and contribute to this world.

ParaPer4mance is the pathway that enables you to overcome your present challenges and connect you with your future success.

Featured Programs

CORE Per4mance


The first ever 30-minute streaming mobile workout program developed specifically for wheelchair and limited mobility users.

Her Per4Mance

Coming Soon!

Her Per4mance is here to empower women to take charge of their fitness and physique!

His Per4Mance

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His Per4mance focuses on numerous male specific factors to address maximizing strength, increasing cardiovascular endurance, and toning physique.

Defend & Per4M I - IV

Coming Soon!

The first ever mobile instructional self defense series for individuals who have limited mobility.

Meditate Rejuvenate

Coming Soon!

Meditate Rejuvenate is 30 minutes of audio for YOU. Relax your mind, focus on the moment, and breath.

Benefits of Community

Our community is powerful because of its many members. Together, we are here to support one another physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. No one is alone as we celebrate achievements, milestones, and reach for higher goals.

Make a Change

Real People
Real Results

Together, we are stronger and more determined than ever. No matter our struggle - in mindset, fitness, and health, the ParaPer4mance community is here for you. No gimmicks, just like-minded individuals seeking results.

I can do it at home with ease. My core is stronger making it easier to walk with my KFOS. I would highly recommend this program for wheelchair users."

Danielle Simien

"I just love what ParaPer4mance stands for! They help others overcome challenges through fitness and motivation. This community is going to grow into a huge movement that inspires the world. Kudos and Godspeed!"

Jason Trump

"Paraper4mance is an extremely innovative company. The way Kenny has used what people perceive as a huge shortcoming to propel his life to a level that many will never even get close to is outstanding. This isn’t just a successful, helpful and awesome company but it’s very inspiring as well because it shows you that no matter what happens to you, you can always still live an amazing life and a lot of times that life comes from the “bad” thing that was supposed to stop you from living that life."

Lerozier Holt

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